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5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

Often one of the smaller rooms in a home, and always one of the busiest, a bathroom is a hard working area that has to tick many boxes. It needs to be easy to use, have space to navigate around the room, and offer plenty of storage – all while looking stylish. To create a functional space that is also an inviting place to spend time, here are five common bathroom design mistakes to avoid when planning a new cloakroom, en suite, or family bathroom, so you can focus on the positive points to consider for a bathroom design.

1. Inaccurate Measurements

The average UK bathroom is just 2m x 2m, which means that a bathroom design needs to maximise every inch of space. Inaccurate measurements are the downfall of a new bathroom and will make the room difficult to use.

Make sure that you carefully measure the dimensions of the room before planning a design and choose a layout that allows you to move around the space in comfort. In a more compact bathroom, solutions like a slimline bath or placing the shower over the tub will help make the most of the available space.

2. Not Considering Flooring

It is easy to overlook the floor when choosing fixtures and fittings for a new bathroom, but this surface is key to a successful bathroom. Water-resistant materials like vinyl can withstand the splashes and soapy spills of a busy bathroom and are easy to wipe clean. Vinyl can also be used with underfloor heating for a warm and cosy feel.

To connect the bathroom with the rest of the home, choose flooring that is suitable for use in any area so you can create a coordinated scheme that runs between rooms. Colour is important too – pick lighter shades to give the illusion of space in a small bathroom, or contrast the flooring with the walls for a bolder effect.

3. Picking Tiles in a Hurry

Tiles are one of the most important features of a bathroom, so it is important to take your time when choosing a design. Taking tile samples home will allow you to see how colours or patterns will look in your room under both natural and artificial light. Looking at samples will also let you compare the texture of tiles to choose your desired finish.

While budget is a factor, take care not to pick tiles based purely on price. Tiling should last for many years to come, so spending a little more when you can will ensure that you get the best value for money from your new bathroom design.

4. Overlooking Accessories

Finishing touches can make a big difference to a bathroom design, so don’t forget to consider towel rails, toilet roll holders, and other accessories when completing a new bathroom. Mirrors are another popular addition to a bathroom and offer a simple way to make a small room appear larger and brighter, while also providing a place to get ready in the morning.

To channel the look of a boutique hotel bathroom, select accessories in matching colours and styles for a more premium effect.

5. Forgetting Storage

From toiletries to towels, good storage will ensure that everyday clutter is concealed from view and bathroom essentials are neatly organised ready for use. When designing a new bathroom, consider storage when planning a layout. Shelves, alcoves, or units can be custom-made to fit your space, rather than adding free-standing storage later that will take up valuable floor space. Storage will ensure a bathroom remains neat and tidy and will also make the room easier to clean.

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