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6 Things To Consider For A New Bathroom Design

To begin planning a room that is not only practical but also enjoyable to use every day, explore these six points to consider for a new bathroom design, to avoid common bathroom design problems. From a family-friendly space to a luxury en suite, this guide will make it easier to bring a new bathroom to life. 


1. What is my budget?

The first thing to consider before designing a new bathroom is budget. To achieve long-term value from your redesign, invest in quality products that will last, in colours and styles that have timeless appeal. This will save money in future, as your new bathroom will remain on trend for longer.


2. Which bathroom layout is best?

Think about the size and shape of the room when choosing a layout. Some fixtures might need to be fitted in specific areas – for example the position of a toilet will be dictated by the location of the soil pipe. Also consider your lifestyle and how you use the room. Is a bath a must-have for your young family, or would you prefer to free up floor space for a walk-in shower? 

Planning a practical layout is particularly important in a small room, so ask an experienced designer for advice on how to lay out a compact bathroom design and make the most of every bit of space.


3. What about ventilation, lighting, and plumbing?

Although it might be more fun to pick out fixtures and accessories, it’s important to consider a few practical features too, like ventilation and lighting. Ventilation is essential to prevent the room becoming damp, so think about where a fan will be fitted, especially if the space doesn’t have a window. Consider the type of lighting needed too, both for everyday use and to create a more relaxing ambience, for example spot lights recessed in the ceiling & LED mirrors.

The main practicality of planning a bathroom design is plumbing work. Speak to one of our expert fitters to see if your plans can be achieved with the existing plumbing, or if new pipe work will be necessary.


4. Which colour scheme?

Whether you favour clean, classic white or something more vibrant, choosing a bathroom colour scheme is a key part of the planning process. Although many fixtures come in neutral tones, tiles, panelling & vanity units are available in a wide variety of shades, styles, and patterns, allowing you to channel the latest trends or express your personality. We have tiles to cover every price range, from value ceramic to luxury porcelain & natural stone, so whatever your budget, tiling is a great way to customise a bathroom design.

Panelling is also a great alternative to tiling. The 100% waterproof boards are available in natural wood finishes along with classic marble. We have panelling on display in our showroom complimenting a display stand containing thirty four different designs.


5. How much storage is needed?

From toiletries to towels, clever storage solutions can ensure that every day essentials are kept neat and tidy, so the bathroom remains clutter-free. However large or small your layout, storage will help make the most of the space, this could be built-in recess boxes within the shower area or simple shelving. Heidi & Paul will be able to highlight where storage can be slotted into a design, even in the most compact room.


6. Which shower option is right for our heating system?

If you have a combi boiler any shower option would be available with great pressure.

If you have a gravity system (airing cupboard with a tank) you may need to have a pump installed to increase the pressure to power the shower

An electric shower is also a great option when there are multiple showers in the house.

Ask Heidi for more information. 


For more expert tips when planning a new bathroom, get in touch with Heidi at Country Ceramics & Bathrooms, or visit our showroom to explore examples of our bespoke designs.

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